A user survey conducted by Hub Entertainment Research and Dynata revealed widespread among viewers who watched the premiere of the new season of “Game of Thrones”, sharing accounts.

The study showed that the biggest audience during the premiere was on the traditional pay-TV: 56% said that they watched the first episode via set-top box pay-TV, live, recorded or through the services of video on demand. However, 39% watched it in legal online source: HBO Go, HBO Now, the web site or application, your provider of pay TV or HBO subscription from Amazon, Hulu or DIRECTV Now. Another 4% responded that to view used illegal sources such as torrent sites or application Kodi.

Sharing account distributed to spectators the premiere of season: among those who watched in the authorized online source, 75% said that you are the account owner, which they used; 16% used a password received from a family member living apart. About 9% used a password obtained from a friend.

Sharing passwords was even more widespread among young people: viewers aged 16 to 24 years are more likely than consumers older, said that watched the premiere online (48%) using an authorized or unauthorized source. Almost a third of the age group 16-24 years (29%) who watched online in the legal source used to view someone else’s password. It was the credentials of the other (18%) than a family member (11%).

“HBO is proud of the record number of spectators watching the premiere of the final season of “Game of Thrones” — 17.4 million on different platforms, announced in a statement Monday,” said Peter Fondulas, a leading expert Hub and co-author of the study, “But because the online platform represents a substantial portion of hits, this success is somewhat constrained by the fact that one in four online audience using the account for which it does not pay”.

It is noteworthy that the study also showed that “Game of Thrones” adds HBO subscribers: approximately one-fifth (18%) of those who watched the premiere episode through HBO’s own account (traditional pay TV or online), had a subscription to HBO only for three months or less. Moreover, of those who signed up in the last three months, 60% said they signed up only to view the “Game of Thrones”.

Bad news for cable networks is that 14% have looked to the Prime Minister, said that they will probably refuse to subscribe to HBO at the end of the final season; another 6% are unsure whether they retain it.

“This study shows how important great content in the “TV” environment, which is at the top, says John Gigengack, senior analyst at Hub — “the New services from Disney and Apple to make the market even more saturated. This study is further proof that consumers will follow the content that is must-see, including sign up, if they need to watch a particular show”.

SOURCE: Rapid TV News

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