Conventional virtual kitty 9 generation cost the new owner 600 ETH.

From late 2017, when Bitcoin jumped dramatically in price, the technology of the blockchain is very popular and finds application in various industries. In the Internet you can find a lot of playing blockchain projects in which users own a virtual property, priced in bitcoin.

The most popular game on blockchain project is CryptoKitties. To begin play, the user must purchase a virtual kitten price starts from 0.004 ETH (about 80 rubles). Then everything happens according to the principle of Tamagotchi pet need to be fed and protected until it Matures.

When the pet has matured, his owner needs to find him a pair of the opposite sex to procreate. Born kittens can have unique properties due to which their value increases many times.

To date, the cost of the cats of the first generation (not grown, and purchased from the authors of the game) is about 175 ETH, or 420 thousand rubles.

A new record — 11 million rubles

Recently it became known that in CryptoKitty held purchase value of 600 ETH, or 11.6 million. Unknown user acquired a cat with the serial number #896775 named Dragon.

The name of the buyer was not disclosed, and the administration CryptoKitties did not explain why someone decided to invest such a large sum to a virtual cat. They noted that perhaps the buyer had a personal reason to support the seller, or he just liked the cat.

With good probability we can assume that CryptoKitties used for money laundering.


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