Examined the data archive, who “Vkontakte” stores about us.

On 19 November, users “Vkontakte” appeared the possibility to save the archive with all the data the social network holds on them. We have successfully downloaded this archive and looked at all the information that could give the social network. Among it is the expected information about the account was discovered and quite unexpected information.

The archive with all the user data, which stores the “Vkontakte” in our case took of 5.17 MB. The archive was formed in less than 30 minutes, although the representatives of “Vkontakte” has warned that the creation of the archive can take up to several days. Apparently, it all depends on the influx of people wishing to download the data archive about yourself.

The first thing you should pay attention to frequent locations. “VKontakte” knows about them and uses them to display targeted advertisements. Locations where often the users are monitored very precisely — the user can view at “Google Maps” directly from the archive.

In addition, for accurate targeted advertising “Vkontakte” is a list of user interests. It includes:

  • Subjects to which a person has a personal interest (sports, health, games, etc.).
  • Used devices and operating systems.
  • Data on earnings.
  • Data on class of vehicle.

Based on all this information, “Vkontakte” and shows users the most appropriate advertising. Exactly how the social network collects all these data is not specified. It is assumed that “Vkontakte” analysis set of likes, frequently visited groups, etc.

“VKontakte” not only stores the actual name and telephone number of the user, but old. All changes are recorded, and archive them in separate folders. The files are saved and deleted the conversation.

It is important to note that “Vkontakte” does not cache pictures or write on the wall, for example, which the user liked. If the record was deleted, the “Vkontakte” will not be able to open it. However, the entry that was placed like social network stores.

The ability to download an archive with the data which it stores “Vkontakte”, is at each user’s social network. How to request the creation of the archive, we told earlier.


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