The scandal of “arrests for reposts” forced “Vkontakte” to release a new feature that makes the user profile is closed to everyone except friends.

Managing Director of “Vkontakte” Andrey Rogozov has published a recording in which he commented on excitation of criminal cases. He believes that the situation in the near future will only get worse, particularly because the security services do not distinguish a repost of an entry do not apply to meme with humor.

Statistics show that over time the situation with the criminal cases for publications in the Internet is deteriorating. Users of “Vkontakte” are increasingly becoming defendants in such cases. And we are extremely worried. Law enforcement agencies often do not take into account the context, do not distinguish the publication from the post and the image with a dubious joke equate to a really dangerous criminal offences.

Administration “Vkontakte” will hide the names of the people who repost, from all but the author of the entry.

In addition, during the month we will prepare to launch a new and perhaps the most important reform of privacy over the last few years. We introduce the ability to make your profile completely private, leaving it open for friends only.

One of the accused in extremism user of social network Maria Matuska recently published a list of data on her, which “Vkontakte” was shared with the investigation.


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