Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said a few thoughts about “dying TV”. He believes that television is still relevant and will remain so for a long time, citing its advantages.

According to Solovyov, one of the major advantages of television is that citizens do not want to run software Directors since watching it passively.

“Mode of watching TV is passive, if not background. People relax. They work activecialis and it is enough for simple switching of channels to select a program for viewing,” he writes.

The presenter also believes that it is necessary to define the terminology of television. Solovyov does not understand how to interpret the TV: this large screen in the room or something else.

“And TV is that? A large screen in the room? When I look at the iPad series Netflix: it’s the Internet? But if I inspect with Apple TV home box is Television?”, — asks the journalist.

Solovyov also said a significant advantage of the TV. According to him, it’s the TV and its screen. In addition, he noted the sound quality, ease of installation and operation and its price.

In conclusion, he stated that the consumer ultimately important content. Again just how it arrives, Solovyov wrote in his telegram channel.

Earlier it became known that the greatest confidence among journalists, among the Russians is the warblers. He took first place with a solid gap from the rest.


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