Company Loup Ventures has held a regular annual competition of the voice assistants of Apple, Google and Amazon. Each of them answered 800 questions from different categories, and the experts then chose the best assistant.

They were based on how many phrases each assistant recognized correctly, how many queries are missed and how many questions you answer correctly.

The questions were divided into five categories: local (about the location of various restaurants), shopping, navigation, information, commands (e.g., requests to recall anything).

According to the analysis of the tests took first place in the Google Assistant. He recognized 100% of the questions and commands, for 92,9% of them could give a reply or take appropriate action.

The second place was given to Siri. He recognized 99.8% of the teams answered correctly in 83.1% of cases. Alexa from Amazon was the worst of all: recognize 99.9% of the phrases, but was able to answer only 79.8.

Assistants tested both on iOS and on Android.

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