Volvo has taken the unusual decision not to present any real cars at the auto show in LA this year, focusing instead on demonstration of technology that he puts into them.

And one of these developments, as we said, includes a new operating system for the infotainment interface.

The Swedish automaker is developing a new OS from Google on Android system. And we bet it will be one of the most advanced in the industry after introduce. Details are still scarce at the moment, probably more because they’re still being developed (and not hidden). But from what we can tell, that the technology goes far beyond the connection offered by Android Auto to build an entirely new operating system based on the electronic architecture Google. (Remember, the QNX system from BlackBerry, which harbored so many systems in the car, had little to do with the connection of smartphones from the same company.)

The real benefit of the system, MT said Google and Volvo execs at a round table in Los Angeles, will apps. Not only Google Maps and Spotify (although they will be supported), but also new applications such as Amazon In-car package delivery, and other new features on which Volvo is working with external partners. It will even allow you to update the vehicle system that Tesla could implement, but other major manufacturers have problems to get past their dealers, seeking to get customers cars to their service centers for any updates.

The launch of the new system is expected by 2020. And it’s not just Volvos that will receive it. The new system is based on Android, reportedly will be implemented on cars, Polestar, and we will not drops surprised to see that they apply to other products under the expanding umbrella of the parent company Geely, including a new brand Lynk & Co, and even Lotus.

However, in the domestic market Geely will all become a bit more complicated, where the Chinese government imposes severe restrictions on connecting to external Internet. Thus, customers in China will have to deal with iFly (instead of your own voice commands Google) and Autonavi (instead of Google Maps).

However, we can’t help but wonder what the new system will mean for iPhone users who were able to connect their smartphones to their new Volvos via Apple CarPlay.

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