American social network Facebook intends to rename belonging to her Instagram and WhatsApp. The company said that the decision is connected with the fall of the reputation services amid a scandal over a series of leaks of data. Recall, Facebook was at the center of a scandal in March 2018, after it became known about the transfer of personal data of 50 million users, analytical Cambridge Analytica, which collaborated with the President of the United States Donald trump during the election campaign.

1. Who are Cambridge Analytica?

In the summer of 2014, the British branch of a us consulting firm Cambridge Analytica hired American researcher of Russian origin Alex Kogan to that collected basic information about user profiles, Facebook. 270000 users of Facebook have downloaded the application thisisyourdigitallife and have been in this poll. For this they got paid. Kogan has gathered information not only about these people, but also about their friends and ultimately, through them leaked information about 50 million.

2. At the Kogan had permission from Facebook?

In a General sense, Yes. In 2007, Facebook allowed outside developers to advertise their applications on the website. In addition, Facebook has also allowed Kogan to gather information not only about the people who agreed to participate in the survey, but also about their friends.

3. What’s the problem?

Facebook claims that Cohen “had them fooled”. He said he collects data for research purposes, and violated company policy by passing data Cambridge Analytica. Facebook assures that as soon as they learned about this situation in 2015, they blocked the Kogan app and demanded to delete all the data. In Facebook say that they have received all the assurances that the data was removed, but research in March 2017 say the opposite. Cambridge Analytica said that all the data that they were provided with Kogan have been removed.

4. Why Cambridge Analytica data you need Facebook?

Cambridge Analytica collects and analyzes user data on such websites as Facebook, and create psychological profiles of users, which can identify voters during a political campaign. We believe that this allows you to find the best individual approach to a potential supporter. Cambridge Analytica, sponsored by former CEO of Renaissance Technologies, Robert Mercer, who was a big supporter of trump in 2016. Former presidential adviser Steve Bannon was Vice President of this company.

5. What he thinks about mark Zuckerberg?

The founder of Facebook admitted the mistake of the company and promised to take measures to ensure that leaks do not reoccur: the social network will thoroughly examine the applications that have access to a large amount of data or engage in suspicious activity. Disagree on the test application will be completely removed. Facebook will also close the application access to the data, if the users haven’t opened this app for three months. Zuckerberg was summoned to Parliament to testify in this case.

Rename all come down to the fact that popular apps Instagram and WhatsApp will appear on the update “from Facebook”. As explained in the press service of Facebook Bertie Thomson, the rebranding will allow you to specify on the membership application to the company. The updated name will be reflected in the app stores of Apple and Google Play, as well as within Instagram and WhatsApp.


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