“More than 60 thousand people per day make fare payment in Moscow metro with turnstiles contactless payment. Acquiring process provides VTB Bank”, — stated in the message.

It is clarified that in may of this year, VTB has completed a project to upgrade turnstiles of the Moscow metro, providing them with the equipment to accept credit cards. At all stations a minimum of two turnstiles in each lobby is equipped with readers to pay fares with Bank cards and other devices with contactless technology.

In addition, VTB together with payment systems Mastercard and “the World” launches a promotion for passengers who prefer this form of payment. 1 through September 30, 2019, Mastercard offers a discount for passengers of the Moscow metro and the ICC. When paying on the turnstile with Mastercard, a telephone or any other media single trip will cost passengers only 26 RUB, more than 50% below the cost of a single ticket.

For holders of contactless cards, “Peace” to the end of this year will be available fares with a discount of 15 RUB in the Moscow metro and the Moscow Central ring (CIP). Thus, the cost of a single trip on the map “the World” will be 27 RUB Discount will be valid until December 31, 2019

Service for contactless payments allows you to travel without buying a ticket. The passenger just needs to make a map or a smartphone-enabled payment services Samsung Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay to the turnstile reader. The service allows you to make a transaction and with the help of the bracelet, between your smartphone and with the function of contactless payment. After that, from the customer’s account will be debited the amount equivalent to the cost of the trip in the subway, the discount amount will be credited back to the card after a few minutes.

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