Apple warned its users about the vulnerability in iOS 13 and iPadOS. The problem affects third-party keyboard, is able to request full access.

IOS 13 was released last week, and the release of iOS iPadOS 13.1 and 13.1 (a new OS for the iPad) was held on Tuesday, September 24.

Third-party keyboards can work both separately and with full access, allowing them to communicate with other applications on the device and connect to the Internet for added features such as spell checking. However, full access also allows developers keyboard to obtain data about what a user dials on it, including text messages and passwords.

Vulnerability in iOS iPadOS 13 and allows third-party keyboards to have full access even without permission from the user. No more information about the vulnerability, Apple said. The problem does not affect the built-in “native” keyboard and will be fixed in the next version of the OS.

Recall that after the release of iOS 13 the U.S. defense Department urged its employees not to use the new version of the OS because of the abundance of bugs and vulnerabilities. In addition, Apple seems to have fixed discovered in beta testing the vulnerability in the kernel that allows you to hack the new iPhone models.

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