In the Apple mobile OS iOS 13 revealed a serious vulnerability, using which anyone can view your stored on the device, account passwords and credit card data saved for AutoFill in Safari, to bypass the security of Touch ID and Face ID.

The issue drew the attention of Reddit users. According to reports on the forum, to reproduce the bug you need to go to “Settings” in your iPhone or iPad, open the section “Passwords and accounts” -> “Passwords and sites”. To access the passwords required to enter a code or confirm the identity by Touch ID or Face ID, but in this case, it is sufficient to click on “Cancel”. If we repeat the procedure 10 to 20 times, it is possible to access a menu with all your saved accounts.

The problem is the iOS version 13 Beta 2 and 3, and 13 in the iOS Public Beta 2. Apple is already informed about the vulnerability, it is likely it will be fixed in the next beta version of iOS 13.

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