Apple has released an update for iOS 13, fixes several vulnerabilities, including the problem of data leakage from the “keychain” (Keychain). Users, including the “Family access” in their account to iCloud, I noticed that their account data is synced with devices their families.

According to the developer Tanmay Sonawane, all the saved passwords in “keychain” suddenly became visible on the device his brother. That is, when one family member comes to the site, for which another family member saved the password in “keychain”, the password will appear in the drop down menu AutoFill forms in Safari.

As explained by Sonavane, he has activated Family sharing, but a joint access to iCloud, allowing you to share books, Apple Music subscription and iCloud storage are disabled.

In addition to Sonawane, a problem was faced by other users. It is noteworthy that on the support forum Apple some complaints appeared in the past year, and so the problem appeared even before the release of iOS 13.

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