Apple has repeatedly emphasized that its main priority is the privacy and security of users, but as it turned out, not all of her products are so reliable. IT specialist Bob Gendler (Gendler Bob) has detected a flaw in the email client Apple Mail in macOS that allows you to see emails in the database file is unencrypted.

Gendler has revealed a vulnerability when he was trying to figure out how macOS and Siri offer information to users. During analysis, he discovered a process called suggestd running system process LaunchAgent, and also a directory of Suggestions in the folder “Library” containing a large number of files, including database files. These databases store information from applications and other programs used to improve proposals macOS and Siri.

“I found that the database file snippets.db in the folder Suggestions contained my emails. Moreover, my mail encrypted by S/MIME is contained in a completely unencrypted. Even if Siri is disabled on the Mac, the messages are still stored unencrypted,” wrote Hendler.

He also discovered the database entities.db that contains information on names, phone numbers and email addresses of all who had any contact with the user.

As noted, the problem concerns only users that will send mail via Apple Mail using encryption in the application and do not use the encryption technology of FileVault in macOS directly. Thus, having access to the file store and the database, the attacker can see any letters in the clear text format.

Specialist informed Apple about the issue again on July 29 this year, but after more than three months, the vulnerability still remains relevant. The company promised to resolve the issue in a future update for macOS, however, the specific timing of the correction is not indicated.

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