Specialist security Linus Henze (Henze Linus) has discovered a vulnerability in Apple’s Mac OS, provides the ability to retrieve credentials from the keyring (KeyChain) on a Mac without administrator rights or root user.

The problem, dubbed KeySteal, affects all versions of macOS up to 10.14.3 Mojave. In fact it is similar to the vulnerability keychainStealer described the specialist Patrick Woglom (Patrick Wardle) in September 2017.

Henze did not disclose details about the vulnerability, but has posted a video demonstration of its operation (below). According to him, at stake is not only the standard KeyChain, but keychain created by users. The problem does not affect the iCloud KeyChain (“keychain Cloud”), because this function is different principle.

The researcher does not intend to transfer to your Apple information about the vulnerability. Its decision he explained that the company has no full-fledged reward program for vulnerabilities in macOS. Currently, the problem remains uncorrected.

KeyChain (“keychain”) is a macOS program designed for storing passwords and credentials.

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