A change in the weather brings to our region an anticyclone from Kazakhstan. It will bring clear skies and scorching sun. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Tuesday, June 25, will the average temperature is about +22, +24°C. on Wednesday, June 26, will become warmer to +25 to +27°C. Thirty-degree mark, the temperature will overcome Thursday, June 27 — +28, +30°C.

The rosgidromettsentrom adds that Friday and Saturday is expected to +31°C, Sunday +28°C. Also the capital of Novosibirsk weather forecasters frightening possibility of light intermittent rain.

“Yandex. The weather is” no rain it did not expect, when this service is more restrained in the temperature expectations. He predicts Tuesday +19, +22°C Wednesday +23, +25°C, Thursday +24 to +27°C, Friday +28, +29°C. But the weekend will start Inferno on Saturday +30, +31°C, Sunday +31, +32°C. In the first decade of July like weather will continue.

The same forecast as the “Yandex” gives and foreign weather services Wether.com (Apple iOS, Android).

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