All this will greatly improve the iOS!

According to numerous leaks from leading insiders and analysts, iOS 13 will delight iPhone and iPad users. The update must be a number of new features, according to rumors, far more than in iOS 12. Particularly strong, many users are waiting for a small, but truly the long-awaited changes to the interface that Apple years doesn’t want to implement. This article has gathered the five most frequently mentioned small improvements that await the iPhone and iPad.

New menu volume

One of the most annoying user interface elements iOS should disappear in iOS 13. We are talking about the menus, adjust the volume, which is in all versions of iOS appears a large square right in the middle of the screen and slowly disappears. This box covers any content and user every time you have to wait when, finally, he disappears after changing the volume on one or two counts.

The good news is that Apple seems to accurately update the menu adjusting the volume in iOS 13. This was previously reported by two of the insider. Apparently, updating this widget, we still waited.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the “control room”

Starting with 11 iOS, users suddenly lost the ability to quickly and completely disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the “control room”. Apple decided that the iPhone and iPad do not need. As a result, iOS 11 iOS 12 and switches the Bluetooth and wifi are in “control” only disconnects the device from the current devices and access points. Want iOS 13, we had the opportunity to once again disable the wireless connection without opening settings.

New call screen

Call screen on the iPhone is stuck in the past. First, it takes up the whole screen. And secondly, it opens to full screen during incoming call. The smartphone no matter what the user is doing at the moment — his work or the game is interrupted by a call. The solution to this problem is elementary. If the person has an iPhone, the incoming call should be displayed in a small window somewhere at the top of the display and not to interfere. Is implemented, for example, in Android.

New menu Siri

The same applies to Siri. A request to voice assistant, which is not the fact that the first time to understand the person and fulfill his command interrupts any action. Siri runs full screen, although it can run in the background. Don’t believe the CPU of the iPhone and iPad do not allow this.

The ability to choose default apps

And finally, the last long-awaited innovation, which users tearfully asking Apple for years. IOS 13, you should see the option to select the default application. At least in the case of basic, for example, mail and calendar. Standard Apple apps can be good, but in App Store there are dozens of far more functional alternatives, and that in most cases users and give their preferences.

And which such small innovations from iOS 13 are you waiting for?


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