UK universities regularly feature in the top-5 rankings of the best schools of Europe. The share of foreign students in them is constantly growing and somewhere reaches 50%.

The past ten years studying in the UK popular among Russians. This is not surprising.

Diplomas and certificates of universities in the UK are recognized worldwide, they are prestigious and provide quick career advancement.

We chose the most interesting programs of 2019 from top British universities on a variety of fronts, to do the Russian students.

Goldsmithery University College of London

Goldsmithery University College of London was founded in 1891. The main areas of teaching and research — the art, design, Humanities and sociology.

According to the QS World University Rankings in 2018, goldsmith took the 38th place in the list of best universities in the UK, the faculty of media and communications was included in the global ranking at number nine. The volume of research and number of publications goldsmith made in the highest category.

Among the graduates of the College nominees and winners of the awards Turner, Academy award (Oscar) and the Mercury Music Prize. Famous alumni: the artist Antony Gormley, Damien Hirst, photographer Sam Taylor-wood, Director Steve McQueen, musicians Malcolm McLaren and Damon Albarn.

Photo: Goldsmithery University College of London

For international students there are scholarships and discounts. To apply for a grant is possible only after you will receive an offer from your chosen training program. So, if you have studied in undergraduate College, you may qualify for a 30% discount on training in a magistracy.

The University participates in the program Chevening: the only scholarships available to Russians, which covers all costs for tuition, accommodation, flights and so on. To submit it can students with distinct leadership qualities in various fields, the purpose of the scholarship program is to create a community of leaders and allow them to develop in your academic career.

“Panache and design of computer games”, master of arts (Master of Arts)

The course program is developed and maintained operating specialists from the areas of design, development of computer games and their studies. The goal is to produce professionals with fresh knowledge and an appropriate level of technical training.

Photo: Unsplash

The program included modules on game design, modeling and animation, art history and computer games, programming and the basics of doing business. At the end of the course to offer practice in one of the partner companies or your own research project.

Graduates of the program work in the areas of game development, advertising, web development, television. The University has direct ties with such giants as Sony and Sega, and offers to help with subsequent employment.

Popular music, master of music (MMus)

The program is designed for those who want to continue education in the field of creation and performance of music, production and performances of contemporary compositions and performances.

Supervisors help students to evaluate their projects critically and learn new creative strategies and approaches to create works, whether it’s writing music, arranging, improvisation or integration of music technology into the cultural environment.

Among the course modules:

the creation of popular music;


pop music and music criticism;

the study is ethnographic video and audio;

performance as research.

Compulsory final project is the creation of a musical work or the staging of musical performances.

The faculty collaborates with music industry professionals, students are encouraged to use the opportunity of such interaction in the learning process. Also, the faculty has its own music label, NX Records, opened in collaboration with Matthew Herbert and Accidental Records.

“The theory and practice of art therapy”, master of arts (Master of Arts)

The program is designed for professionals of the art of psychotherapy, wishing to gain in-depth knowledge and advanced theoretical and practical base for further career development.

Photo: Unsplash

The course is based on the introduction of modern artistic techniques in the psychotherapeutic process. Theoretical knowledge, clinical practice and learning through experience will help students to understand and appreciate the nature and relationship between the patient, his artwork and attending physician.

Program graduates are eligible to register in the Board of health of UK and other public and private registries of professional medical services.

University College London

The first secular University in London exists since 1826. It is the largest University in the UK in the number of students of post-graduate education.

In the world ranking of universities QS World University Rankings 2018, it occupies tenth place. The amount of research and number of publications of University College included in the higher category. In the ranking of the Times Higher Education 2019 UCL is included in the thirty best.

Photo: University College London

33 Nobel-prize winner and winner of the fields medal, three awards in different times have worked or studied at this University. Among them: physics, John Fleming, Peter Higgs and Charles Kao, the chemists William Ramsay and Otto Hahn, a geneticist Martin Evans, a physiologist Ulf von Aleri, economist James Heckman and mathematician William Gowers.

“Space technology and engineering”, master of science (MSc)

The program purpose — creation of a knowledge base to build a career in the field of space technology, satellite telecommunications and related fields.

The course covers such topics as the simulation of communication systems, management of space vehicles and satellites, the space environment, operations in space. Along with learning the basics of space technologies and practice research methods, attention is paid to the application of space technologies for terrestrial industry.

All this knowledge is applicable in public and private sector.

Among the course modules:


space environment and satellite applications,

engineering space environments

design and development of mechanical and electrical systems for spacecraft,

processing of space data

physics of the magnetosphere.

“Robotics”, master of research (MRes).

Social problems, health issues, transport security and livelihoods, environmental energy is the solution to many problems of the XXI century lies in the field of robotics.

Master program “Robotics and Autonomous systems” teaches the full set of skills demanded by the industry.

Among the course modules:

mathematical methods and algorithms,

management science,


computer vision and navigation

image processing,

robotic sensing and interaction.

Final work — an independent research project with dissertation. Program coordinators promise a project-oriented approach throughout the entire study period, and therefore, graduates will be prepared as for postgraduate studies and research in various fields.

“Security and forensics”, postgraduate certificate (PG Cert)

This program of postgraduate education aimed to study the newest methods in forensic science.

The program’s emphasis on scientific methods to control criminogenic situations, strategic thinking, detailed study of complex schemes for the prevention and detection of crime, the development of innovative methods.

The aim of the course is not only to teach students to understand the issues on the prevention of crime and criminogenic situations, and encourage them to seek out and develop new ideas and solutions to set tasks. Great attention is paid to the practice and working with real cases and data.

Among the course modules:

qualitative and computational methods in criminology,

spatial data analysis and map analysis of crimes

new forms of control over organized crime,

terrorism and cyber crime,

design of experiment and research.

The program is implemented on the basis of lectures, seminars, course projects, laboratory classes and practical work.

“The genetics of human diseases”, master of science (MSc)

The goal of the program is the creation of a strong knowledge base for understanding the genetics of disease, familiarity with the latest techniques and methods in working with issues of appearances and development of diseases and their development.

Photo: Unsplash

The course allows you to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of molecular genetics, to develop numerical and statistical methods in genetics and analysis of diseases, to understand the schema to find solutions to the challenges of healthcare through the development of methods for diagnostics and therapy.

Among the course modules:

modern human genetics and the basics of research,

bioinformatics and applied methods

statistics for tasks of medicine,

genetics for cardiovascular and narsalani,

clinical application of pharmacogenetic tests

personalized medicine for Oncology

applied problems of genetics.

Final project — independent study and thesis.

University of Southampton

It was founded in 1862. This is one of the main research centres in the South of the UK.

The University is part of the “Russell” scientific Association of the twenty-four leading UK universities. In the world ranking Times Higher Education 2019, the University took 118 place in the ranking of UK — 18. In physics, engineering, and medicine the University is in the top one hundred best in the world.

Photo: University of Southampton

UBI has posted the Global business incubator SETsquared, was founded by University together with the universities of Bath, Exeter and Bristol in the first line of a world rating.

Among the graduates: economist Anthony Sutton, the engineer-designer “Formulas-1” Adrian Newey, the composer Brian Eno.

Different schools offer prospective students different scholarship programs. Chevening scholarship, mentioned above, also extends to this University.

“Business entrepreneurship with a year in industry”, bachelor of science (BSc)

The program is designed for anyone who wants to start their own business or to offer their entrepreneurial skills to existing businesses.

This is one of the few programs on entrepreneurship from leading universities, with an emphasis on the importance of business development for the economy and society. The program was developed by experts from the entrepreneurial field.

The faculty closely cooperates with leading companies and business communities in the UK, offering students to take advantage of such interaction.

Annual practice in the industry makes possible to apply all acquired knowledge and to obtain experience in the existing environment and situations. Except the year in industry programme are assumed to be regular visits to partner companies with the opportunity to gain insight first hand from experienced entrepreneurs.

Among the course modules:

fundamentals of business intelligence

management and analysis


multi-stage module “Ideas that changed the business world”

management effectiveness

digital Economics and business models


innovation and technology.

“Astrophysics with a year in industry”, master of physics (MPhys)

Here the astronomers and astrophysicists on the basis of deep theoretical knowledge of physics and astronomy and with valuable practical expertise.

University of Southampton, the only one in the UK, has partnered with the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics in Boston, the world’s largest research organization of its kind.

Photo: Unsplash

The students of Southampton are invited to spend a year as part of the course — to analyze and interpret space-based data, to build models, develop new methods for astrophysics, studying black holes and the processes of star formation.

In addition, the mandatory two-week business trip to Teide Observatory on Tenerife, one of the largest in the world. The Observatory will host practice for the design of space missions and working with the telescopes.

It should be noted that a course in the physics Department, which ranks sixth in the UK by the Guardian for 2019.

University of Westminster

It was founded in 1838 as the Royal Polytechnic Institute, status of University obtained in 1992. Today, he is considered the most international University in the UK.

The University is historically renowned for its initiatives: the first in Europe opened a public photography Studio in 1841, the first UK staged a film screening with the Lumiere brothers in 1896, became the first University partner of the UN for the study of the formation and development of settlements.

Photo: University of Westminster

University educational programs on the topics of fashion, architecture, film and audioproducts, television and media fall into the second ten in the rankings The Guardian UK.

Among the graduates: bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, a chemist Frederick Abel, the band “Pink Floyd” Roger waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, designer Vivienne Westwood.

At Westminster University has its own grants. So, if you are going to undergraduate for four people, you might receive a Westminster scholarship, which gives a 50% discount on tuition.

“Investment and financing risks,” master of science (MSc)

Here you can get the complete set of knowledge and experience to work in the field of investment and financing risks.

Application of the fundamentals and details of the theory in practice — the main focus of the programme. An important part of the learning process — work in a virtual trading environment specially designed together with Bloomberg to develop the necessary skills to operate the markets.

In software implemented Bloomberg terminal that allows you to learn on real examples and data. For the sake of this practice, many students choose to study in this University.

Students automatically receive membership in the British chartered Institute of securities and investment. Tutors are practicing professionals and academics with long experience of research in the field.

Key modules are taught the basics of qualitative analysis of investments and risks of using different financial instruments and products. Project modules are designed to develop research skills and to help students to identify the most interesting region for further development in Finance and risk.

“Television and the image,” master of arts (Master of Arts)

One of the leading educational programs in the field of television in the UK.

Went here many distinguished figures of British television and film industry. The course is designed to develop a variety of skills: working with video in different contexts and on different platforms (TV, movies, video), videoartist, scripting, critical look at their own work.

Photo: Unsplash

The program was developed in collaboration with the Centre for research and education in arts and media, whose members are the recognized Directors, theorists of cinema and television, historians, artists and curators. The course offers collaboration both with the centre and with representatives of the film and television industry, art communities.

Among the course modules:


cinema of Asia and Europe,

supervision in work with videos

the history of television.

Coursework: work on the scripts, writing research essays and texts for blogs, writing project proposals. As the final work from the students will take thesis or project implemented in the form of curating the film program, script, or series of publications to blogs.

“Audioproducts”, master of arts (Master of Arts)

The course program is designed to produce high-level professionals in the field of audioproducts.

The course provides students opportunities to expand creative horizons and to master the latest skills of working with sound and sound recording.

In the Arsenal of the University 14 professional recording studios, as well as many fully equipped facilities for lessons on working with audio and video, post-production and the organization of radio broadcasts.

A high level of professionalism of graduates is recognized worldwide. The program is accredited by industry leaders such as APRS, Apple and Skillset Media Academy.

To learn more, you can on the 20th education UK exhibition Study UK: Discover You, which will be held on 2 and 3 February in Moscow and on 5 February in St. Petersburg.

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