Moscow, may 14 — “News. Economy” Appeared in China’s technology giants do not rely on the us market, they occupy most of the world markets, undermining U.S. leadership in key industries. What game leads each of the parties?

Perhaps this was the real reason for the start of a trade war last year.

Monday trump in his Twitter once again reiterated its view that China’s economy is weak, and the economy of America is strong. He believes that the tariffs will shift trade outside of China and, to some extent, back to the United States.

Simply put, the President trump wants to rebuild the past in which America was dominant in world production, and its strategy of negotiation is like a game of Monopoly in which players try to extract rents. China, in turn, plays into the ancient strategy game “Go” with the objective of technological superiority, writes

Both parties bear the loss in this trade war, both sides suffer from the slowdown.

But China hopes to get out of it a leader in the production of high-tech products. If he succeeds, he will become not only the dominant economic power, but also the dominant military force.

If you look at the dynamics of the stock in the United States, we can note that the largest losses are technology companies. For example, the leaders fall, the developer of Nvidia chips, followed by Apple. Falling capitalization and representatives of other industries, such as Caterpillar, Texas Instruments and Boeing.

[PICTURE] [/PICTURE] a Technology leader of China is Huawei. It occupies a leading position broadband 5G, and the US is trying to prevent its expansion by force, persuading his allies to abandon the services of this company.

Apparently, Washington didn’t occur to you that Huawei has become the dominant player in the telecommunications equipment with little or no access to the American market. China exports to the United States mainly consumer electronics, assembled in China from imported components;

America buys 5% of industrial production in China, but the contribution to value added is small. Industry with high added value, which is now developing China, sold in Asia and Europe. In the first quarter, Huawei overtook Apple as the smartphone manufacturer, while in the US it has not sold.

[PICTURE] [/PICTURE] however, the leading American company for the development of chips in the vast majority depend on the Asian market. Most of the revenue of Nvidia and Qualcomm comes from Asia, not from the United States.

At the beginning of 2018 in the USA sentenced a Chinese technology player ZTE, banning the export of chips Qualcomm ZTE. However, by the end of 2018 China was self-sufficient. Independent Japanese study estimated Chinese semiconductors as equal or superior to Apple.

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