The caller had found the missing gadget five miles North of where Robert usually swam. The man was just looking for seashells in the surf when found on the shore of a badly battered Apple Watch. He was able to charge them and saw on the screen, the contact details of the owner. Most notably, after spending six months in salt water and under the scorching sun of California, the device has retained functionality, the data is not corrupted, and the only serious flaw is the stripe on the OLED screen. Apparently it is the result of combined effects of salt and sunlight.

Bainter regularly engaged in bodysurfing and bugiardino in Huntington beach. This two kinds of surfing, the first without a Board at all, practicing it, the swimmer “plans” on the waves only at the expense of his body. Second — with a small Board, about half that Board for regular surfing. In that fateful day six months ago, Robert caught a particularly large wave and was very glad I well coped with it. However, when the splashing subsided, he found his wrist favorite gadget. He spent the next hour searching for smart hours, then activated the search function in the Apple Watch app “Find my iPhone”.

Unfortunately, neither the first day nor the next to find the device failed. “I just had a strong feeling that I should return them, I’m not too upset, Robert said in an interview with the California channel KTLA, — I’m a big fan of Apple”. After a while, the hero of the report I bought myself a new Apple Watch, but the thought of the loss never left him. Everything changed when the receiver began the phrase, “Hey, if your name is Rob Bainter and you lost the Apple Watch, and can I describe them, I’ll return the gadget to you.” Use found after so long a smart watch Robert is not going to, but I leave them as a reminder of the amazing endurance of Apple devices.

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