Many of us actively use the mode “do not disturb” on iOS devices. In this mode, the notifications continue to flow, but without any sounds or vibrations.

Feature can come handy when you are in a meeting, cinema or any other place where they don’t want to attract the attention of incoming notifications, but, at the same time, afraid to miss something important.

Just put the smartphone on silent mode to get a watch from Apple does not make sounds and does not vibrate enough. A couple of times I was faced with the fact that regardless of the “silent” mode on the iPhone, Apple Watch distracted by incoming notifications. Special discomfort can bring the situation when the clock starts “burst” from the incoming call, in the moment when you’re sleeping.

To activate “do not disturb” in the Apple Watch, there are two options.

Option 1: activate using your iPhone.

  • Run the “Watch” app on the iPhone.
  • Scroll down the menu and go to “Main”.
  • Go to the tab “do Not disturb” and switch the toggle “repeat iPhone” (you can also set the mode “do not disturb, in training”).
  • Optionally specify a schedule and view other functions mode, touch menu Settings > do Not disturb.

    Option 2: Enable the feature on the Apple Watch.

  • Activate the clock and go to the window of the dial by using the jog dial, the “Digital Crown”.
  • Swipe from the bottom call “control Point” and click on the icon of a Crescent.
  • Thus, if you enable the “do not disturb” on the clock, notifications on your smartphone will switch to silent mode.


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