A group of eight people in the U.S. have decided to take a walk to the Pacific ocean and went to the island of Okinawa. However, on the way back, severe storm turned the rented a boat and nearly ruined the city. To escape, they managed mostly thanks to waterproof iPhone, said one of the participants of adventure in The Today Show on NBC.

When tilting the vessel from sinking, as all were wearing lifejackets. However, to call for help was very difficult — the phone friends of the American wet. Only her iPhone remained operational and allowed to contact the US coast guard. After a half hour, all the travelers were rescued, as evidenced by the made on the spot video.

American did not specify the model of your iPhone as well as brands of phones friends. Leading the program admitted that the story was learned from representatives of the company Apple, and they, in turn, appreciation, and opinion of the owner of the device-the Savior. The head of the American company did not hesitate to share the report on Twitter, that makes it extremely rare.

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