The Bank fights fraud.

Clients of Sberbank — one of the main goals of Russian scammers. The attackers are constantly coming up with more sophisticated ways to cheat with the help of which it turns out even vigilant people. Fortunately, Sberbank is actively fighting fraud, including using new methods.

The clients of Sberbank drew attention to the emergence of a new protection method against fraud. Sberbank has begun to not just block the phone numbers of the fraud from which the Bank’s customers have received calls allegedly from the support team, but also set warning messages to the numbers of attackers.

If the call is blocked and the savings Bank room, which formerly belonged to the fraudsters, then you will hear the following message:

Attention! This subscriber number is used to steal money from Bank cards and accounts.

One of the clients of Sberbank recorded this post — check it out at this link. This message played when the call is already locked by +74999716251.

Thus, the savings Bank tries to further warn their customers about the possible dangers. By preventing the Russians will be able to identify the fraud, simply by calling the number which received the call.


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