Lavrov voiced unilateral approaches and the creation of tension in the world for US — a necessary measure in the face of rapid depreciation. This opinion BAFS “the Economy today” announced the expert of the Center of security studies of RAS Konstantin Blokhin.

“The US is not accidentally moved from self-confident policy to unilateralism, double standards and a global confrontation with the main centers of power — the country weakens and loses its impact. This became evident already in the second term of President Bush, evident under Obama, and trump is going to change the situation. Examples of unilateralism on the surface of numerous sanctions against different countries, a trade war, the recognition of the new status of Jerusalem and the Golan heights in Israel’s favor.

By 2015, the States have been in a situation when they have created the rules of the game led them to defeat. America lost its status as the world’s policeman, being bound by many political and military commitments to allies, huge debts and fading prospects. At the same time, actively gaining strength, Russia and China, delivering a lot of inconvenience to Washington. Elites in the United States, it became clear that the world needs to be changed “by itself” — what we see,” — says americanist.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Fund of support of public diplomacy, said: “international tension is not abating and, moreover, continues to increase, primarily in connection with the insistence of our American colleagues and their closest allies to impose everywhere their all and unilateral approaches, roughly trampling international law.” In these conditions, according to the diplomat, the important role played by efforts to support mutual understanding between peoples.

“The Americans are the global game, trying to rebuild the geopolitical landscape of the planet. The establishment understands that the world is no longer unipolar, but America is not as free in his manoeuvres as before. The economy is weakening, calls are increasing, the trade balance with China just threatening from the Middle East States is just squeeze. Losing streak for Washington is extremely painful, because he is going to do anything to play the position.

Hence, strict financial requirements for its NATO allies, duty war with the world and economic confrontation with China. Otherwise, the US risks straining economically and to repeat the fate of the Soviet Union, which collapsed under the weight of internal problems. In the new game States out of onerous unions and organizations, tear of the agreement. President trump operates on the law of the jungle: if the allies — the only profitable, and the US interests are more important than some laws and agreements,” — emphasizes the expert.

The weakening of the US
That the position of the United States weakened in various fields, say, even in Washington. At the end of last year, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced that Russia strongly weakens the security of the United States. And admitted: Washington should maintain a dialogue with Moscow. However, it is the responsibility Pompeo is to maintain and strengthen the political contacts and rapprochement between the States in the dialogue with the Kremlin to go still reluctant. But foreign policy is not the only thing America loses.

In 2018, the experts came to the conclusion that the US economy has stalled: the effect of the incentives dried up, and the negative from the trade wars, the fed’s policy and the collapse of the markets comes to the fore. Retail sales towards the end of last year by March 2019 fell by 1.2% against the forecast of +0.1 percent. Within the “control group” (excluding petrol, cars and building materials) dropped 1.7%. The forecast for GDP growth this year adjusted from 2.6% to 2% in 2018 increased 2.9%.

“To see the loss of USA is quite simple. In the 1990s, this country was the leader in the creation and development of advanced scientific thinking, created the latest technology and electronics. Now of the strongest companies in this cohort in America were only Apple, and all the world development issue Japan, China, Korea. Russia pulled far ahead in military technology, the United States, too, there is nothing to cover a backlog for dozens of years in a separate arms admitted even by the Pentagon.

In this case, for Washington? Try to keep spheres of influence and retreat. In Eurasia and Africa to maintain the position became impossible, the middle East was lost. A direct military confrontation with the superpower, US leadership will never — if the consequences of the war for the Americans, unpredictable, they will not get involved in it. And in fact, States have no choice but retreat care in the Western hemisphere, there to harden thoroughly.

That is why organized coup in Venezuela, which likely will be followed by an attempt to undermine the situation in Cuba. The erosion will be slow and gradual, but it is already noticeable. We see America from the global hegemon is emerging as a regional leader, seeking to provide for their preferences and influence,” says Konstantin Blokhin.

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