Each day this week will be slightly warmer than the previous one. However, on some days, can be renewed snowfalls. According to the Rosgidromettsentrom, the most heat will be in the coming weekend, when the temperature can reach just

On Tuesday, February 12, at night the temperature will reach

-22°C that day

-15°C. the Sky will be cloudy, but will do without rain.

Wednesday, February 13, night is expected

-19°C, day

-10°C. Occasionally heavy snow is possible.

Thursday, February 14, at night the thermometer will show

-13°C during the day. The probability of a small intermittent snowfall will continue.

On Friday, February 15, expected. On Saturday, February 16, about. Sunday, February 17, about. According to preliminary data, light snow showers possible in the last day of the week.

Such forecast gives the “Yandex. Weather” and Weather.com (Apple iOS, Android). However, a little more cool — on-one or three degrees daily. Western forecasters suggest the precipitation on Wednesday. But “Yandex” heralds a possible snow almost every day.

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