On Monday, December 17, in Novosibirsk will remain warm up to -11 and -13°C, according to the fgbi “West-Siberian ahem”. Despite the fact that the average temperature of December in Novosibirsk is equal to -14°C and absolute minimum was reached -45°C.

On Tuesday, December 18 Wednesday, December 19, will be even warmer — up to -10, -7°C, reports Rosgidromettsentrom. At times will be snow with a probability of 55-62%.

On Thursday, December 20, the temperature will drop significantly — down to -20°C at night and -19°C during the day. The snow will stop.

On Friday, December 21, advanced cold — up to -26°C at night and -21°C during the day. In the weekend of 22 and 23 December, the thermometer shows -16, -18°C. Snowfall is unlikely.

“Yandex. Weather” and Weather.com (Apple iOS, Android) gives roughly similar weather scenario. Foreign forecasters believe that the highest probability of snowfall in Novosibirsk region have on Wednesday is 60%. Then chances of rain will decrease to 10%.

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