Real autumn weather finally came to the Novosibirsk region. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, September 2, the day temperature will rise to +18, +20°C. this day will be cloudy, but will do without rain. Speed South-West wind will be from 4 to 9 meters per second.

However, since Tuesday for the whole week, will charge rains, although thermometers will continue to show day +18, +19°C, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. Probability of precipitation the service evaluates to 55-90%.

Colder weather provides the “Yandex. Weather.” Monday only +15, +16°C, on Tuesday, +15, +16°C, Wednesday +13, +15°C Thursday +15, +17°C Friday +15, +16°C Saturday +16°C, Sunday +15, +17°C. And light rain possible any day, and the next week of 9 September will be no different from this.

Western weather website (Apple iOS, Android) is more merciful — according to this service, the chance of precipitation will be only 20%, but the daytime temperature will keep at level of +17, +18°C.

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