Winter has come to Novosibirsk and it is not going to go back. Snow and freezing temperatures expected local residents this week. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, October 21, the day temperature will be -1, +1°C. the day will be without rain.

Tuesday, 22 October, rainfall will resume, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. The service predicts sleet on Tuesday and light rains from Wednesday to Sunday. Thermal mode will be around +2°C on 22 October, and +4, +6°C in the following days.

This time around the weather forecasters there is no unanimity: “Yandex. Weather” heralds sub-zero temperatures and light snow showers from Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday we are waiting for the -3, -6°C Tuesday -1, -3°C environment 0°C Thursday +1, +2°C, on Friday, -2, +1°C, on Saturday the -1, +1°C Sunday -2, +1°C.

Foreign service (Apple iOS, Android) predicts daytime temperatures are in the range 0, +3°C night -2, -4°C, precipitation from Thursday to Sunday in the form of rain and snow.

Such weather causes poor road conditions. Late in the evening in Novosibirsk there was a massive accident involving 19 cars. Car slid on slush and did not have time to stop.

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