Heat is in no hurry to return to Novosibirsk — according “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, July 22, the day temperature will reach +22, +24°C. partly cloudy weather is Expected without precipitation, the wind speed will be 3-8 m / sec.

Similar temperatures will last all week, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. On Tuesday, the thermometers will show +25°C, Wednesday and Thursday +24°C, Friday +22°C, on Saturday +21°C, Sunday +22°C. From Wednesday to Sunday daily light rains on Monday and Tuesday will be limited by clouds.

“Yandex. Weather” more optimistic — it predicts little rain only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. According to the service, the temperature on the afternoon of 22 July will be only +19, +21°C. is Then slightly warmer on Tuesday +21, +22°C, from Wednesday to Sunday +22, +24°C.

Foreign service Weather.com (Apple iOS, Android) predicts for Novosibirsk +21°C on Monday and +22, +23°C in the following days. If Thursday and Friday, with possible thunderstorms.

Also there is a danger of smoke from forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region. On the eve of the emergency Department in the Novosibirsk region encouraged residents to limit the stay in the open air, while the maximum concentration of hazardous substances in the air is not yet exceeded.

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