According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Tuesday night, March 26, the temperature fell to -4, the day will rise to +3, +. It will be partly cloudy, no precipitation. On roads strong ice. Wind speed — 4—

9 meters

per second. The overall level of air pollution of the city are expected drop.

Wednesday, March 27, the night will be -3, day +2, +. In the daytime in places of possible wet snow with the rain. The wind will blow with a speed of 4—

9 meters

second, however, gusts will reach

14 meters

per second.

Thursday, March 28, the night of -2, +2, +. Nighttime chance of precipitation in the form of wet snow, rain. Winds increasing to 2

7 meters

per second.

Significantly warmer by Friday, March 29. In the afternoon the air can warm up to same temperature Rosgidromettsentrom forecasts and Saturday, March 30. And on Sunday, March 31, is expected to +. Even night temperatures may not drop below zero — about

on Saturday and
Sunday. However, on Friday, and the weekend is likely a little rain.

“Yandex. Weather” are more reserved in their predictions: Tuesday afternoon +2, + Wednesday, +1, + Thursday, +1, +, Friday, Saturday and Sunday +4, +. However, for example, in the night from Friday to Saturday service predicts a +2, +. As for the rain, then Tuesday will be clear in the environment can produce rain with snow on Thursday, the rain will stop, and on Friday and Saturday night is not excluded light rain.

Western service (Apple iOS, Android) heralds the Novosibirsk +2, +

from Tuesday to Thursday and +4, +

from Friday to Sunday. Probability of precipitation of foreign forecasters is assessed as high only for the environment — 70%. In other days — 10-20%.

On the website you can always see the weather at the moment, the district of Novosibirsk region. Just press the interactive button “weather Map” in the left column of the website in the menu “Sections”.

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