Monday to Friday daytime temperatures will gradually rise literally a couple of degrees per day — from -9°C 26 Nov to 1°C on 30 November, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. The entire week expected snowfall from small to moderate. Fresh snow will add to what is already inundated Novosibirsk, plunging the city in traffic jams.

On Tuesday afternoon the thermometer shows -8°C, Wednesday will warm up to -5°C on Thursday air will get warm to -2°C. the Maximum warming will occur on Friday afternoon — Rosgidromettsentrom forecasts up to +1°C. However, in the night of Saturday, sharply colder — down to -20°C. the Sabbath day will also be chilly — around -17°C, on the night of Sunday the maximum expected cold — down to -25°C. Despite the cold, light snow showers will continue.

“Yandex. Weather” gives a similar forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, the service expects that the maximum temperature is reached in the night of Friday — from -1°C to 0°C. On the day of Friday “Yandex” already predicts -8, -10°C, and for all the Saturdays — stable -20°C. all the days of the week probable snowfall.

A slightly different forecast gives foreign service (Apple iOS, Android). West weather forecasters believe Tuesday in Novosibirsk will be -9°C, in a Wednesday around -5°C, and in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday — about -2°C. To Saturday night gets colder to -18, -22°C. Precipitation is expected on all days except Tuesday.

Constant snowfall in the last couple of weeks has provoked in Novosibirsk real traffic jams, for example, on Monday morning observed a “complete plugging” estimated “Yandex” in 9 points. Citizens complain not only on roads covered with snow, but on uncleared sidewalks and driveways megamovie. Similar problems occur in other areas of the region, Berdsk literally “bogged down” with snow.

On the website you can always see the weather at the moment, the district of Novosibirsk region. Just press the interactive button “weather Map” in the left column of the website in the menu “Sections” and the link to go to the service of the regional government “Weather OnLine”. For more detailed instructions, read the link.

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