Early February turned out to be in the Novosibirsk region of abnormally frosty — Friday, February 1, the temperature literally plummeted to -34,

-38°C, sometimes up to
-41°C. In this regard, the students got an unexpected vacation, and other residents worried by the question when it gets warmer.

Alas, the next few days the prognosis is not good. In the night of Saturday, February 2, Taipei -39,

-41°C, the day warms up to -27,

-29°C, according to “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS”. The average temperature in February to Novosibirsk is

-15°C and the absolute minimum for all history of meteorological observations -46,3°C.

Sunday, February 3, will be even warmer than on Saturday — about -29,

night and -21,

day. The wind this weekend will be quite unpleasant — 2—

7 m

per second.

The same weather scenario and adheres to Rosgidromettsentrom. But “Yandex. Weather” had a ball scaring the city’s residents are much more rigid predictions. According to the service, in the night of 2 February will be to
-46°C, around -31,

-38°C. Sunday is expected -29,

-35°C, but it will cool down tonight already before
-40°C. In the night of Monday the cold will continue to
-43°C and the minimum temperature will reach on Monday morning — to
Foreign service Weather.com (Apple iOS, Android) gives you the forecast, which is a cross between the predictions of the “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS” and “Yandex. The weather”.

Next week will also be cold from Monday to Friday the temperature will range within -30,

-40°C. Under the long-term forecast, the relative warming is expected only by Saturday, February 9, when the morning will be around -31,

-32°C and the day warms up to -21,


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