The coldest temperatures will be observed night and morning. So, on Saturday, January 26, at night the thermometer drops to -20,

-22°C in the suburbs to -25

-27°C. the Day warms up to -11,

-13°C, according to “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS”. In some areas light snow, Blizzard, black ice on the roads. The wind will blow with a speed of 7-12, in gusts up to
17 meters

per second.

Sunday, January 27, the night temperature will be -14,

-16°C during the day, colder to -20,

-22°C. Night light snow, Blizzard, day in some areas light snow. Black ice on the roads. Windy weather will continue.

Monday, January 28, the cold will continue, reports “Rosgidromettsentrom”. At night thermometers will show

-24°C, around

-22°C. rain will stop, the wind will subside to 2—

3 meters

per second.

The same forecast gives the service (Apple iOS, Android), except for the fact that the Western weather forecasters predict snowfalls Novosibirsk on Saturday.

The most severe forecast — at “Yandex. Weather”: -13,

in the afternoon on Saturday (warming to the evening to -9,

-12°C ), about -18,

Sunday and
Monday morning. “Feels like -30°C,” adds service. A little rain, according to “Yandex”, you can go to any designated day.

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