Wednesday, January 9, the temperature at night will be -10°C, around -4°C, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. Thursday, January 10, colder night to -14°C to -12°C. on Friday, January 11, it will be even colder — about -23°C at night and -18°C during the day. Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be light snow showers by Friday they will stop. The wind will blow with a speed of 1-4 meters per second.

About the same forecast gives the temperature for Novosibirsk foreign service (Apple iOS, Android). However, Western forecasters believe that the probability of rain is only 40% Wednesday, 20% Thursday and 10% Friday.

The most severe forecast publishes “Yandex. Weather” is about -7, -9°C in medium, -15, -19°C on Thursday and -21, -26°C on Friday. According to the service, light snow showers are possible on all days of the upcoming work week.

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