According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Saturday, September 14, at night thermometers will show +1, +3°C, sometimes at times when frost is possible to -1°C. the Day temperature will rise to +13, +16°C. will Pass small rains, the wind will be blowing from the West at a speed of 3-8 meters per second.

Sunday, September 15, will be slightly warmer. At night the temperature drops to +6, +8°C, day will rise to +16, +18°C. Chance of rain and wind speed remain.

The rosgidromettsentrom gives a similar forecast. But the service “Yandex. Weather” more pessimistic — only +10, +14°C on Saturday and +14, +18°C on Sunday. “Will be felt as +8°C,” — add “Yandex”, also promising rains

Overseas website (Apple iOS, Android), in contrast, predicts rain on Sunday and their absence on Saturday. The expected temperature in Novosibirsk, according to Western forecasts about +14°C on Saturday and +19°C on Sunday.

See also — “weather Forecast for September-2019: showers every day.”

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