According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Saturday, September 21, the night will be rain, cloudy, without precipitation. The daytime temperature will be +15, +17°C, the southern wind will blow with a speed of 5-10 meters per second.

Tuesday, September 22, the night gets colder to +5, +7°C, and the afternoon will become warmer to +23, +25°C. no precipitation is Expected, wind gusts in some places will reach 15 meters per second.

The rosgidromettsentrom not so optimistic, estimating the temperature for Saturday at +17°C, for Sunday at +20°C. same opinion together adhere to the “Yandex. Weather” and (Apple iOS, Android).

But next week, according to preliminary forecasts, there will be cold: from +15°C earlier in the week to +5°C at the end.

See also — “Sunday’s downpour was commented by the mayor of Novosibirsk”.

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