According to “West-Siberian ahem”, the most perfect weather on Friday, June 21 — the temperature rises to +24, +26°C, precipitations are not expected. On Saturday, June 22, it will be even warmer — up to 26, 28°C, but in the second half of the day in places of possible rain in the afternoon.

The picture will change dramatically on Sunday, June 23. The day temperature will not rise above +17, +19°C, maintaining the high probability of rain and thunderstorms. The speed of wind gusts will reach up to 16 meters per second.

This scenario supports the Rosgidromettsentrom, estimating the probability of rain 55%. But “Yandex. Weather” forecasts even more stringent conditions — a total of +15, +16°C on Sunday. While physically, the temperature will be felt even a few degrees below.

Foreign service (Apple iOS, Android) assures that rain over the weekend in Novosibirsk, which will limit the usual afternoon. The likelihood of rainfall in Western forecasters estimate only 20%.

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