According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, June 24th, in Novosibirsk the temperature will be +8, +10°C, in the afternoon about +17, +19°C. during the day, possible rain, storms in places. The wind will blow from the North-West at a speed of 4 to 9, gusts up to 14 meters per second.

With this prediction agrees the Rosgidromettsentrom, estimating the probability of precipitation on Monday at 55%. Then, according to Metropolitan forecasts, will begin a gradual warming to +25°C Tuesday +28°C environment. By the weekend, the temperature may cross the 30 degree mark.

“Yandex. Weather” he believes that Monday will be about +15, +17°C, but rain is not expected. Tuesday afternoon air will get warm to +20, +23°C, on Wednesday, to +24, +27°C, and 30-degree heat is expected by Friday. Cloudy weather will be replaced by clear skies. Accurately this forecast was published in the Western service (Apple iOS, Android).

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