Cold fronts coming July 26, in Novosibirskaya oblast from the North-West. On Friday it will be raining with thunderstorms, but the weekend is expected to weather without precipitation, according to “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS”.

On Saturday, July 27, the day temperature will rise to +23, +25°C. partly cloudy weather without precipitation. Places smoke, smoke, despite the North-West wind blowing at a speed of 3—

8 meters

per second.

Sunday, July 28, the temperature rises to +25 to +27°C. partly cloudy weather without precipitation will remain. The wind will change its direction to South-Western, speed will be 2—

7 meters

per second. The beginning of next week will start with heat up to +29°C on Monday.

Cloudy weather without rain is predicted for “Yandex. Weather” and (Apple iOS, Android). Temperature conditions these services are in solidarity with forecasters Novosibirsk. But the Rosgidromettsentrom assumes that Saturday and Sunday in Novosibirsk can pass rains with probability to 75%.

Over the Novosibirsk region for the sixth day hangs thick smog from fires raging for a thousand miles in the Krasnoyarsk region. See also — “Could online: maps the movement of smoke and fires in Siberia”.

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