Why do I need to restart the sneakers, when Russian police appear augmented reality glasses that this year to expect from Cupertino and that actually is a folding smartphone: the main event lot on techniques for the week in the final program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

Samsung bends the line: like that year as the leader of the smartphone market, still persistently tries to prove his superiority over Apple. This time the announcement of important new features, including unprecedented smartphone with bendable screen, the Koreans decided to hold the Apple under the nose, and not just in San Francisco, and in the same hall where he has gathered the press to announce the “Apple” company.

But the bent device is not limited to: Samsung introduced a whole family and quite widespread, although expensive, the Galaxy S10, from conventionally available to ultragroove S10e S10 5G.

— On the eve of opening in Barcelona mobile world Congress plans never present Apple recalled one of the main experts on the yet to be announced “Apple” devices, Ming-Chi Kuo. And told many interesting things about them. In parallel, Apple is beginning to prepare for “life after the iPhone” — I think how to grow a business when the sales of smartphones to grow will cease.

Technology “Big brother” will soon arrive to Moscow. Metropolitan police officers going to provide the smart glasses with facial recognition technology — are already used by their Chinese colleagues.

— And the Chinese state database face recognition were due to careless settings available to everyone.

“My left sneaker does not restart. Right turned into a brick”: samochowiec Nike faced unexpected technical problems.

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