Who needs a paid guide book free maps, who benefited from falling demand for smartphones, why Mail.Ru need another news feed and how long before the creation of “Skynet”? The main events of the technosphere for the week in the final program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

— So it turns out that with the new product announcements Dating back to week staked out Mail.Ru Group. The company acts a bit against the wind, going with the service later than its competitors. Talking about a recommendation system for content called “Pulse”.

This week it became known that FAS has drafted a bill to make mandatory the preset on phones, tablets and computers, which are sold in Russia, applications for domestic companies.

The second announcement this week from Mail.Ru affected cards. In Maps.me first appeared a paid service for users — they can buy designed by experts guides guides.

— What was the last year in the smartphone market. Analysts say 2018 the “year that I want to forget”, and Apple is ready to cut prices on the iPhone in some regions.

— Artificial intelligence, created by Google, won another victory over humanity. Now in Starcraft II.

— Beautiful examples of technological philanthropy: “Yandex” has established a scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich, Apple opened an educational program for creators of applications.

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