Unmanned vehicle “Yandex” wins Las Vegas how incredibly big TV and what Apple is doing on the show, which is not involved main themes of the largest consumer electronics show in the final edition of the program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this program:

— The main difference of the current CES-2019 from previous participation of Apple. Not official but quite visible from trolling competitors through advertising before the sudden announcement of the collaboration with Samsung.

— The exhibition in Las Vegas has always been the main platform for announcements of new TVs. It happened this year: the main competitors in this market, Samsung and LG introduced at CES 2019 both innovative and ready for shipment to stores solutions.

Intel at CES 2019 have tried to prove that everything remains the leader in the PC industry. Got it?

— Lenovo Yoga S940 is one of the most interesting novelties presented at the Las Vegas current market leader in personal computers. Incredibly slim and light laptop with powerful hardware and a 4K display, which, according to the current smartphone Vogue, rounded corners.

— Samsung didn’t show at CES its bendable smartphone, but the Chinese (a little-known company Royole) is shown. And the home of the manufacturer of the device already went on sale.

— Technovista has long been mutating into the showrooms. In Las Vegas its self-driving car was shown by the Russian “Yandex”, but more on that in the next release.

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