TV presenter and producer Lika Kremer, which created the Department of the podcasts in the publication of “Medusa” and her colleague, journalist, author and the founder of Kidsout Ekaterina Krongauz announced the opening of an independent Studio podcast “Either/or”. We asked the founders to tell about why podcasts have become not only a popular pastime but also a promising business project.

Podcasts as a trend

In America, this trend began in 2005, after the invention of the method of audio distribution using rss. In 2014, there were two important for the world of podcasts things: first came the great podcast Serial, which changed the idea of what can be spoken audio. The first season is a real serial crime, documentary story about the murder of a schoolgirl. Twelve episodes in a row, the audience guessing who the killer is. This increased the audience of podcasts in America at times. And secondly, there was another important thing. Apple has preinstalled Apple Podcasts app to all iPhones. Thus even those who knew nothing about podcasts, I access them, the application was in the pocket all owners of iPhones. Mobile consumption won desktop consumption, and it also played a role.

When in Russia, your podcasts began to make “Medusa” and parallel to tell a huge audience about what it is, why and what podcasts are, the number of participants in the Russian-speaking world started to grow. But then it was a growth from scratch, and now finally have reason to expect a quantum leap.

Interest in podcasts is constantly growing, the audience is growing by 10-15% per year. This spring came the Edison Research study according to which more than half of Americans at least once in your life listened to a podcast, and a third of Americans listen to podcasts each month. The exact Russian numbers yet. But if we coped with the transition from television to video on demand with Netflix and Youtube, it is obvious that with the transition to audio on demand we can handle. In Russia came streaming service Spotify and the app for audiobooks Storytel, Yandex and launched his musical and voice services. There is no doubt that a significant part of the audience of these sites is interested in high-quality spoken audio. People live in the headphones. Recently he even published a survey which showed that 17% of owners airpods at least once in life was engaged in sex with them. People cut off from the outside world, create their own sound environment. Run, ride a bike, go to work, riding the subway without removing the headphones from his ears.

Podcasts as business

There are several models of monetization of podcasts, but three main is advertising, podcasts for brands (and with brands) and crowdfunding. There is a fourth, common in the English-speaking world model, Pavol. But the Russian-speaking audience is small, and Pavol is unlikely to be worth the effort.

Swedish streaming service Spotify is planning to invest $ 500 million in the podcasts this year. In Russia, the market is in its infancy — the company “Yandex. Music” develops in your service section “Remusica” and began to produce their own podcasts. A platform for publishing podcasts launched by the company “Vkontakte”.

Podcasts about the business

How to write and develop podcasts and make money with them, you can learn including different podcasts about career:

The most important podcast about the business StartUp, the company Gimlet. The first season of reality TV show about how to build the company Gimlet — producer of podcasts.

Without Fail — Alex Blumberg — head of the same Gimlet talks with different businessmen, athletes and artists about why they did it. l
In a brilliant economic podcast Freakonomeaks is special The Secret Life of C. E. O.’s interview with the top managers — the CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek and the company’s founder producer of genetic tests 23andMe Anne Wodzicki and other key managers of the world tell us how and why they do what they do.

In Russian there is a similar podcast “Started business”. It makes Arthur tradition, it’s a reality show about how the journalist Sasha Volkova decided to open a restaurant and about all the challenges she faced weekly.

Well, the classic — podcast Planet Money, once its author and producer was the same Alex Blumberg. Podcast appeared once in the documentary series This American Life episode, The Giant Pool of Money (about the mortgage crisis of 2008 in the US and in the world). The authors, documentary filmmakers realized that the money (not just people) may be the main character of the story.

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