The Ministry of internal Affairs has demanded from the singer Lolita Milavskaya and the center “Elena Kiper publishing & Production” to submit statements on the Treaty on copyright in connection with the claim of the actress accusing her former producer of copyright infringement. Currently solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

Lawyer Lolita the site said that the singer filed a statement to the Investigative Committee, which demanded to inspect the company “Elena Kiper publishing & Production” for suspicion in breach of copyright.

“I wonder why this issue came to light because it was a year ago. We wrote the application in SK, because the falsification of evidence during trial is within the competence of the Investigative Committee”, — said the lawyer Lolita channel “Star”.

According to him, representatives of the company, who was present as a third party in the course of the trial in the Moscow city court on blocking services Apple Music, Deezer and other illegally placed works of the singer provided documents to some of the songs Lolita, whose signature was forged.

“There are a large catalog of works that Lolita was granted the license, it had expired, and this directory was returned. And there are works for which it does not alienate, do not sign a contract. In our opinion, false contracts were presented to the court,” he said in comments for “Ren TV”.

According to him, we are talking about such tracks as “Titanic”, “the Miracle” and “You are my sea”. Zhorin noticed that music services have removed the controversial song, without waiting for the court decision, and Lolita did not require monetary compensation no pads, no with the Keeper.

“The court did not conduct the examination of the handwriting, as admitted lo the copyright of the song “the Titanic”. However, after the end of the trial we wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee with a request to inspect and in the case of fraud bring the culprit to justice,” the lawyer explained TASS.

Zhorin said that during the examination, the Investigative Committee confirmed that the signature really belonged to the singer. However, the Department considered that in this case we are not talking about forgery, and fraud.

“But since SK is considered that the act falls under signs of crime Fraud and forgery was the only method of committing a crime, then the material was transferred to the police, since the article of the Russian criminal code the jurisdiction of the Ministry of internal Affairs”, — he told “Fifth channel”.

The lawyer also said that in the course of inspection the police were required to provide account statements of the parties to the contract copyright currently solves a question on excitation of criminal case. The discussion of the conflict Lolita and the Keeper, he connected with active investigation.

Lately the situation with a claim to copyright was not the first case when Lolita became the object of intense media attention. So, in August, he told the website her fifth husband, Dmitry Ivanov, about parting with which it announced in July, found a new companion.

Her friends and followers on social networks have tried to support the singer. So, the singer Angelica Varum issued an emotional message in which he called the Palladium “Lolicon” and “my girl”, and also stressed that they have been acquainted for more than a quarter century.

“Smart, beautiful, talented, kind. Truly kind and generous! Artist, reaction speed to be envied by the most brilliant comedian. People with a painful sense of justice and with absolute trust, than often used by unscrupulous characters,” she wrote.

Offenders his girlfriend Varum threatened that if the next time I see them, “shoot on location”, and called “hellishly difficult” recovery “in the temple of love”.

“If you are not able to love this girl like my own child, to take care of her, to pamper, if you are not ready to swear to spend the rest of my life in love and harmony, better not to come”, she added.

At the same time, the singer acknowledged that “to love as his one and only woman, this huge planet, a lolita Milyavskaya — difficult” and advised potential suitors to calculate the forces.

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