You know what happened on February 23? What is known to the day, read the help Sputnik.

What interesting things happened on February 24

Today is the birthday lottery. The name “lottery” comes from the word Frankish “hlot” — “the die”, which was later transformed into the English “lot” — “share”. On February 24, 1466 passed Europe’s first lottery. It was made by the widow of the Dutch artist Jan van Eyck in Bruges (Belgium). The lottery was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the death of her husband. The main part of the income of the event was a contribution to charity for the urban poor, and only a small amount went the founder. The most significant in the history of the game jackpot was equal to 640 million dollars, the draw was conducted by Mega Millions (USA).

Every year on the 24th of February, Mexican streets are filled with three colors — green, white and red. On this day, all of Mexico celebrates one of its main holidays — the day of the flag of Mexico. Also celebrated the Day of independence from Spain which occurred in 1821. The first time the celebration of the flag was approved by the 1937 General Lazaro Cardenas, who at that time was President of Mexico. He first took the oath of allegiance to the flag.

Cheerleader of the national team of Mexico in group stage match of the world Cup between Germany and Mexico

In Thailand today celebrate the national day of the artist. The national artist is a title awarded annually by the office of national cultural Committee of Thailand, the Thai artists who have achieved significant success in literature, the visual arts, architecture, design, performing arts (dance, music, theatre, and cinema) and other spheres of culture and art. Celebrated on the 24 of February as this day is born Chandra Loetla Naphalai, he also known as Rama II. This monarch was a famous artist and poet. He was a patron of poets, and during his reign went down in history as Thailand’s “Golden age of literature”.

Historical events on February 24 in the world

1446-th — held the first lottery.

1887-j — Paris and Brussels became the first capitals that were consolidated telephone;

1938 — went on sale a toothbrush with bristles made of nylon;

1942- began broadcasting radio “Voice of America” in German)

Historical events on 24 February in Kazakhstan

1992 — founded the state concern “Kazachkine”;

2011 in Almaty, an exhibition of works of artists of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Iran “Caravan”.

Birthday celebrity February 24 in the world

In 1745 he was born Fyodor Ushakov — commander of the black sea fleet (1790-1792). In 2001, the Russian Orthodox Church canonized as a righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov;

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov: “Enemies do not believe they are beaten”.

in 1932 was born the Maya Kristalinskaya — Soviet singer, honored artist of the RSFSR (1974);

Soviet pop singer Maya Kristalinskaya

in 1954, she was born Lyubov Uspenskaya — American and Russian singer, performer of chanson;

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya: “the Police stopped me for drunk. That I for joy after visiting the doctor decided to drink. And sat behind the wheel. And turned on the music. And driving at speed. So, I have to be?”

in 1955, he was born Steve jobs — American entrepreneur, widely recognized as the pioneer era of IT-technologies. One of the founders, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Apple. Co-founder and CEO of Pixar.

Steve jobs “I do not seek to be attractive to people. My job is to get them to get better.”

Who was born on the 24th of February in Kazakhstan

In 1975, she was born Saltanat Kaliyeva — journalist, author, producer and host of several television and radio programs.

Saltanat Kaliyeva: “Officials and their wives I always asked the key question “what do you regret?”. And you know what they answered? “Gave birth to too few children.” The response I received from everyone.” —
24 February in the Orthodox calendar

Today is a national holiday Vlasev day. The Orthodox Church in this day commemorates the Holy Martyr Blaise of Sebaste, Bishop, the patron Saint of livestock.

Lunar calendar

20 lunar day, the decreasing Moon in the sign Scorpio. Being overly trusting and naive, today can be wrong, which takes a series of unpleasant accidents. Try not to fulfill someone else will and leave yourself the right to vote, you may be able to avoid problems.shade angel

Today is the Day to celebrate Colette, George, Dmitry, Zahar and Galina.

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