After the release of the first iPhone, Steve jobs declared the beginning of Post-PC-era, which marked the death of personal computers and replacing them by mobile devices. However, 10 years later computers still in the go, and smartphones and tablets are perceived as dopolnitelny gadget. Now Apple went even further — and your new iPad Pro openly opposes the computers, supposedly it is more powerful, faster and more convenient. Is this true, and is it possible to exchange the PC — in the material “”

Since its inception the iPad was seen as a “big iPhone”, which you can do the same thing, only a little simpler. A machine for content consumption: watching movies, reading news and books, sticking to social networks and games. Some, however, tried to do something serious, for example, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) was recorded in 2010, the entire album the Fall on an iPad using about 20 programs. But this is an exception of the established state of Affairs.

A few years later, Apple decided that the iPad closely under the “home gadget” to display recipes in the kitchen and watching soap operas in the middle of the device much more potential. With the aim of expanding this framework was first created in the iPad Pro, in promotional materials which modestly said it was not just an expensive toy but a serious tool for the job. However, for three years of existence of the line, no one believed in its seriousness, treating Pro as an expensive version of Air with support for stylus.

New Pro has become more “professional”, and now Apple openly opposes their tablet computers. The application is serious, because the closed nature of Apple devices and iOS does not fully replace a workstation. As expected, most of the problems the iPad Pro still come from iOS, although the steps in their decision was taken and it’s not “just a big iPhone”.

Not see the edges

iPad Pro 2018 received the biggest redesign in history. The first thing that catches the eye — screen. He was deprived of those healthy part of the top and bottom, making them the same thickness over the entire area. Of course, none of what bezremontnoy is not a question, but thanks to the small part, the tablet is also comfortable to hold in hand (although he does not respond to accidental pressing of the palm). Due to this it became much smaller: the 12.9-inch version was reduced to 30 percent, and in the case of 10.5-inch versions were able to put the screen on the 11 inch. For comparison, the old version of the Pro size was exactly the same as the MacBook Pro 13 and now it is easily confused with the MacBook 12. On the other hand, iPad Pro 12.9 are still too big to wear it in his bosom and to use it in public transport. If this is a concern, you should stay on the 11-inch version, which will not cause such a shock in the subway, a 12.9-inch.

Also missing was the Home button with the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Instead, they use gestures and Face ID, to get used to after the iPhone easily. Though at times the hand goes down the screen to click the Home button. Everything works on the iPhone — swipe from the bottom closes the app, swipe at the bottom edge switches between apps, swipe down from the right corner launches a “control Point” and so on.

With Face ID interesting because the scanner not only tells you when the chamber is covered and the arrow shows where it is, but works in any screen orientation. With the iPhone it does not work — when you unlock the smartphone should be kept straight, and the iPad can be held in any position the system recognizes as the owner. Using the system can still automatically enter the passwords, and pay for their purchases via Apple Pay.

Well, following the rest for the iPhone, there’s no headphone Jack. And even adapter is not included, and the “dongle” from the iPhone will not work, because the iPad appeared USB C. In the case of the device which will often be used for browsing and mounting clips, this is an important change, about which we cannot say.

The case began in the manner of the iPhone 4 and all the faces are straight. It is believed that iPhone in 2019 will be as angular, although believe in it with difficulty because the iPhone never copied the iPad design. The thickness of the body decreased by a millimeter, because of what he now bends very easily (Yes, and the aluminum feels softer), but some buyers right out of the box get bent tablets. The only solution to this problem is to carry your tablet in a case, which increases the rigidity of the device.

From the Smart Cover with the Smart Case decided to get rid of, instead of releasing them Smart Folio case that attaches to the back cover on the magnets (and there is the connector for the accessories). At first, this connection seems weak, but due to the fact that all over the body scattered about a hundred magnets, everything is kept quite tight. The tablet even on the refrigerator to hang up and he’s secured tightly.

The unbearable smoothness

iPad Pro got the same Liquid Retina display (in other words IPS), Xr as the iPhone, with a density of 264 pixels per inch. Brightness, color rendition and contrast they are very similar and there are no complaints. But there is one detail that displays your iPad screen to an unattainable level. Talking about technology ProMotion, which adds support for 120 frames per second. It is impossible to convey in the video (if it is not recorded in 120 fps, of course), so it is personally to find somewhere new iPad to understand what we do. When you first run such a smooth interface is shocking, especially after years of using the old iPad. And as you get used to it it feels sad that the same technology is not in the phones (except, perhaps, RazerPhone).

Along with this new Pro — the most powerful mobile device on the market. With A12X processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM (on 1 terabyte of 6) lags when working at all. Everything opens instantly, and download large files takes a few seconds. With heavy games the story is the same and everything runs even faster than on the iPhone Xs. In the Apple compared its tablet with the Xbox One’s supposedly it can produce graphics similar level, but similar games for it yet. Yes, and it is difficult to imagine that the iPad will start porting games like Red Dead Redemption 2, and Assassins Creed. While he was shown only a special version of NBA 2K.

However, such power does not need to run the games, and to work with heavy projects. The presentation showed how the iPad easily handles the file in Photoshop with dozens of layers weighing three gigabytes without a lag, immediately approaching and distancing the image. If in reality it runs as fast (in fact a full-fledged Photoshop for the iPad not yet released), it is very impressive, because many computers with much smaller files begin to slow down.

Apple rightly claim that the iPad Pro is more powerful than most computers and laptops. So, on iPad convert 50 RAW to JPG takes 59 seconds, when Surface 6 is 1.35 seconds on a MacBook Pro 13 — 1,36 minutes, and the Dell XPS 13 with Core i7 — 2.01 minutes. Rendering a 12-minute 4K video with the translation in full HD using Adobe Premiere Rush is on the tablet of 7.47 minutes, for MacBook, Surface Pro and Dell — more than 25 minutes.

At the same time on a single battery charge has not changed — and Apple promised 10 hours of active tablet. In reality, the numbers more and if you use browser, the tablet can work more than 13 hours. When relaxed use (couple hours of commercials and movies, work with texts, communication, messengers) it will last about three to four days.

Well, the camera… It the iPad Pro there is not even the bad — on 12 megapixels and Smart-enabled HDR. But the camera is the last thing that care when working with this 13-inch tablet. But it is here, takes pictures of the level of previous iPhone, very strong sticks, and more to know about it do.


The main step towards the “professionals” — the transition from Lightning to USB C (no support for Thunderbolt). Moreover, this connector here is almost exactly the same functionality as a MacBook, and even supports all those adapters from third-party manufacturers. To the iPad you can connect an external monitor, USB drive (with some reservations), keyboard, camera, for data transfer, iPhone to charge, and much more than even don’t know the users and the journalists, because Apple does not announce a full list of compatible devices.

If you take the perfect, according to Apple user, then it is all these features are more than enough. For example, he had a photo shoot, connect camera to iPad by USB-C, got rid of all photos, launched here Lightroom and started working with them. And like it looks as the best mobile solution to work, but since Apple is positioning the iPad as a killer PC, and the demand it will be like having a computer.

“Non-ideal”, the user will immediately notice something was wrong. First, if you shoot in JPG+RAW, then sent to processing only one file. In this case, it is easier to throw everything to the computer first, and only then, if you wish, to send all on your iPad. Besides, it is impossible to work with files not transferring them to the internal storage of the tablet. That is, you cannot connect the camera and processed in Lightroom, select photos — first you have to throw everything in the Photos. Yes, you can configure automatic deletion of the original after processing and compression, but before that you still need to attend to the available space.

When working with the iPad in General drives a lot of difficulties. It can work with flash cards and external HDD, but out of the box able to upload only photos. If you want to throw some other files, like presentations, CAD models, then Apple sends the user to third-party developers, so there he himself understood what and how to do.

As mentioned above, the speed of video rendering in Adobe Premiere Rush is truly insane. Here is the only output on the iPad can only FullHD-videos. That is, to mount the video in 4K is possible, but the output will still get a FullHD. In addition, when working with video in General, not many alternatives, because Apple decided not to port their own editor Final Cut Pro X.

For illustrators and artists the situation is simpler because software for drawing full, and the Apple Pencil just got even better (but it needs to be updated, because the first version is not supported). To the iPad he is now connected to the magnets and also charging. In the case of “the pen” appeared a touch area, when double clicked, you can switch tools. And the developers are free to decide what to switch up on the top, and there are no hard constraints. In some applications you can quickly choose the eraser in the other — call the additional menu, and in the third generally give users the opportunity to choose what he needs. It is convenient that if you hold the stylus on the lock screen, just open the Notes app for handwriting without having to unlock the tablet.

However, the artists did not complain about the work and with the old iPad Pro. In a network of thousands of amazing works made on the iPad in apps like ProCreate. One of the last of such examples is the cover and a teaser for the album Muse Simulation Theory is entirely made on the iPad with the Apple Pencil.

The Smart keyboard has not changed, and she’s also causing a lot of pain from a man who works with text. It’s not even the size of the keys or their response (they can be used, although this takes time), and in the layout. Somehow, Apple has decided that iPad we need to create some special keyboard for which you cannot change keyboard shortcuts and layout. Therefore, to switch the language you need to press a separate button instead of the usual CMD+Space/Alt+Shift, and to put a period or a comma have to hold Shift+6 or Shift+7 in the manner of a Mac. But on the Mac you can change the layout and even upload custom with special characters, but on iPad it can be done. And if you’re used to put a long dash on the computer with Alt+minus Sign (as in most custom layouts), then iPad pereuchivatsya on Shift+Alt+the minus Sign.

All of the above looks like minor quibbles, but work with iOS forcing you to relearn and break the process, brought to perfection over the years. For a person who not merely browses the social network and watching TV shows on my computer and works, such minor changes in the work play a key role. Why change a working computer (claimed by Apple) on the device that puts the user into the framework and does not provide any way for them to get out?

If you dig deeper, it turns out that iPad cannot be connected by wire, the printer, or that Excel for iPad can not work with macros. And when you connect an external monitor, you must first ensure that it supports this app, otherwise your screen is just duplicated. Yes, it’s even more narrow tasks, and most people do not need to connect the printer to the computer via wire, but of these, just one gets the perception of the product.

Undoubtedly, iPad is a luxury, not a necessity. And the people who really need it, no articles on the Internet know everything about the iPad Pro. Especially at the price from 66 to 154 thousand rubles (a keyboard and a stylus she soars to 181 thousand) question of whether to buy tablet or computer as the main working machine, to stand at all, because the choice is obvious. Most people won’t use a tenth of the capabilities of this tablet and just look at this video and play games. And for these tasks there is a tolerable iPad sixth generation, which is three times cheaper. Especially the iOS version on the iPad all the same restrictions on installing applications and no multitasking works just as well, so part of the task Pro quietly decided on the regular version of the tablet.

Even at the presentation of Apple, during a demonstration of Photoshop work on the iPad, not been shown to create a large project from scratch, but only demonstrated on a tablet or make minor changes. And it perfectly describes the whole user experience with the iPad Pro. It is not a replacement of your computer, it’s a companion. To work “in the field”, traveling, to make final corrections and applying the final touches. The perfect environment for him, this is when you should immediately after the photo shoot to show the client the intermediate result, the “cut” video of the event for timely publication to make a sketch or write something, quickly write an article from the event. But all major work will continue to be at the computer, which is not so mobile, but more flexible and familiar.

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