What about streaming TV service AppleЗа the past few months, the network has repeatedly published news of Apple’s plans to launch its own streaming television service.

The grounds for such assumptions is. In August last year, the company invested $1 billion in streaming platform, which will complement Apple Music. The emphasis was on shooting diverse shows and TV series.

Since lot of events happened: Apple has acquired new contacts in the field of cinema and worked on filming the own show.

That today know about the service? A lot. The chronology of events developed as follows:

16 Aug 2017. Apple to invest $ 1 billion in filming their own TV shows and original content.

10 Oct. It became known that especially for the Apple Steven Spielberg will shoot “Amazing stories”.

8 Nov. Jennifer aniston and ray Witherspoon — these famous Hollywood actors will take part in the filming of content for Apple.

15 Dec. Apple orders a series from the creators of “Star cruiser “Galaxy”.

January 10, 2018. Apple appears the author of the futuristic drama “the Hunger games: catching fire”.

25 Jan. Vyhodit series from the Director of La La land Damien Chazelle.

7 Feb. To cooperate with Apple discontinues Brian fuller.

March 26. Apple promises that it will launch its service in March 2019.

June 15. Apple begins cooperation with American television host and actress Oprah Winfrey.

June 22. Base TV show Apple is so rapidly growing that users begin to ripen logical question: where will it run?

June 28. Magazines, music, count against your iCloud storage and streaming service, if you believe the rumors, will be distributed on a single subscription.

Well, in March 2019 Apple announces the long-awaited service. Do you think that company has a chance to win an impressive audience?


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