Better porodicnim of the landmark events of the last presentation, Apple was the refusal of the Lightning port in the iPad Pro and the transition to a universal USB Type-C.

Along with the rumors about the imminent failure of Lightning in the iPhone and lower prices for Lightning accessories can be concluded about the upcoming evolution of the model range of Apple gadgets.

My heart feels sho we on the eve of the Grand nix

From the movie “Wedding in Malinovka” 1967

And the name of this “nix” — a massive shift for Apple Type-C.

This turn of events predicts more with the presentation of the new MacBook in 2015. After the rejection of the classic USB 3.0 to MacBook Pro 2016 release almost no doubt that soon all Apple devices will move to Type-C.

A few years in Cupertino pretended not to notice the problem, releasing the iPhone and MacBook, which it is impossible to connect without buying an extra cable.

It seems that now the company will decide on an important step and abandon the usual Lightning connector.

These gadgets need to buy carefully

At the end of 2018 under such circumstances is not the best time to buy a number of devices.

Perhaps an iPhone with Lightning will no longer

With high probability, next year’s iPhone will get a new design and a few outwardly noticeable chips, one of which will be the Type-C connector.

Apple already there were cases when one and the same model without external changes sold a three year in a row (iPhone 6/6s/7). To repeat this trick on the background is not sparkling innovation iPhone Xs/Xs Max, and the growing price of devices in Apple’s certainly not going to risk it.

Buyers scabbard new chips for the future, such a chip has become a connector of Type-C in the iPad Pro, these innovations need new iPhone.

Conclusion: a balanced approach to the purchase of an iPhone, because the model range is now on the cusp of major changes. If you take the model of 2017-2018, is to take older vehicles already risky.

iPad Pro 2017 sharply and is very outdated

Last year’s “professional” iPad for 45-50 thousand rubles, and the most justifiable purchase, and now to take such a device impractical in General.

Budget 2018 iPad good ratio price-quality, but the model too soon can update and add Type-C.

Now it makes sense to look at the recently introduced iPad Pro with Face ID and Type-C, if the price is not scary.

Summary: available iPad choose either the 2018 or has a new one with all the chips. The third is not given.

Mac Pro and iMac while at risk

Lineup of desktop computers Apple have not been updated. Users tossed some fresh iMac, but it’s not closed all consumer niches.

The presentation was memorable for a good Mac mini update, but other desktop solutions are not delivered.

First, the update has long needed a powerful computing station Mac Pro. According to rumors, the device must receive the modular housing with the possibility of rapid upgrade. Of course, add new connectors and Type-C.

Secondly, even the latest iMac complete with keyboard, mouse or trackpad with Lightning connector for charging. Now they can charge cable from the iPhone, and a year, it is likely that Lightning will have to keep exclusively for peripheral accessories.

Conclusion: it makes sense to look only to the new Mac mini, iMac should choose carefully, because the update is not far off, and from buying a Mac Pro just need to abstain.

Other devices that can update

All devices that are operating now under the Lightning are at risk. The device is designed not for one year of operation, but after a few months they may become obsolete.

Remember, you are now looking at devices that need to charge via microUSB? A year later we will similarly look towards devices with Lightning.

Refrain from buying Apple TV 4/4K (remote is charged via the Lightning), AirPods, urBeats3 with Lightning connector or BeatsX.

Conclusion: these devices can now become not best buy, because in the next year or two they too will be translated into Type-C.

These gadgets can easily buy

Those devices which have already undergone conventional way of evolution, it is possible to recommend to purchase.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
Now all current models of MacBook are equipped with modern Type-C ports. The only exception is the old MacBook Air, which does not withdraw from the sale. New models Air now too exclusively with connectors Type-C.

It will look like the MacBook in the coming years. Choose between Air or Pro. Ordinary MacBook now has too many shortcomings.

Conclusion: if your going to buy a MacBook take. Search for old prices while they are still there.

Apple Watch

The fifth generation of smart watches will definitely be in the current design of the Apple Watch 4. So will look new wearable Apple gadgets at least another 3-4 years.

Probably next year we will get change the configuration in the form of a new cable for charging the watch, which is already available in the United States.

It’s not worth to postpone the purchase of the coveted Apple Watch for a year.

Conclusion: need a watch from Apple — buy it right now.

Other devices

Feel free to take any device or accessories that are not use the Lightning connector. This can either be accessories with a Type-C device with microUSB (endure which have in any case), or even devices without laces and connector, like HomePod.

Conclusion: through the year with an outrage not to update the cable or accessories select device Type-C now.

We are only warned, and the choice is always yours!

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