Moscow, September 11 — “News. Economy” this year, rumors about the new flagship of Apple was only partly true — however, it happens before every presentation of “Apple” gadgets. Experts Ozon evaluated new devices and capabilities of the new iOS.

iPhone 11 Pro
Camera and charge your Iphone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max 4 Is the rear camera on the cover of the smartphone three lenses and they look much more organic than the leaked rendering. This is the main feature of the new smartphone — a new system of three cameras with different lenses (super wide, wide angle and telephoto). With special interest are not even lenses, and the system, based on machine learning ensures razor-sharp picture: neural networks do 9 frames (4 before pressing the button) and combine them into one image with as-designed details.

Apple announced a record increase in the battery life — 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max charge lasts up to 4 or 5 hours longer than iPhone iPhone XR and XS Max respectively. The color line was added a rich and elegant dark green color. However, all the colors of the Apple line of Russians prefer black — on gadgets that tone accounts for about 30% of all orders.

Performance iPhone 11 iPhone 11 replaced the iPhone XS. The smartphone left double 12-megapixel rear camera, but promise to improve performance through machine learning. Now on the smartphone, it automatically switches to night mode, which will provide good quality footage even in complete darkness. Apple extended the battery life by 1 hour and has improved dust and moisture resistance. Special attention is given to the color line — Apple has proposed a new color, obviously focusing on young buyers.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5 — hours without “sleep mode” We’ve used that camera on all iPhones from year to year are getting smarter and more powerful. What we really pleasantly surprised — the new clock does not go into sleep mode and the screen is always in the active state. The battery also holds a charge all day as the previous model. In Apple continues to focus on health. Today we showed the new application of “Noise”, which will indicate when the volume level of the environment reaches dangerous for hearing values.

Environmentally friendly Ipad Pro iPad Pro Apple revealed the new design, Retina display Liquid with rich colors and function in bright sunlight, Face ID and heavy duty battery. However, we want to focus on a very important announcement in the new iPad — it is completely made from recycled aluminum. Apple, as always, sets the trends: the new iPad supports the global fashion for sustainability. Apple engineers developed alloy which includes recycled aluminum: this has already helped to halve carbon emissions in the production of new models of MacBook Air and Mac mini compared to the previous generation. I sincerely hope that other manufacturers will pick up this trend and more responsibly will approach to the production.

The Apple ecosystem Apple is no longer the iPhones and tablets, and an ecosystem of applications and services. Today we were told that waiting for users in the foreseeable future. 19 September starts Apple Arcade, which was announced in March of this year, the service gives you access to the games even when there is no Internet connection. And from November 1 will earn a new video service Apple TV+, which will show feature films, documentaries and TV shows of its own production. The subscription price of$ 4.99 per month — 2.5 times cheaper than Netflix. It is logical that Apple plans to recruit the audience of the new service, offering lower prices. And buyers of new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV generally receive a yearly subscription on Apple TV+ free.

iPad Air
In the 2nd quarter of 2019 iPhone for the first time in a long time, has generated less than 50% of Apple’s revenue. Opinion leaders have tried to interpret this fact differently, but it definitely says that on the first place today, it is not the gadget, and ecosystem services. The premiere of this is confirmed — paid much attention to the launch of TV+ and Arcade, and speaking of updates, a key update is made, even in the slogan — Pro Performance. Processor power has increased significantly — without this the user would not be able to fully experience the capabilities of the new operating system — in particular, ARkit and machine learning, and effectively use applications and new services Apple TV+ and Arcade. Stimulating the attention of users to the ecosystem, Apple makes a small cost of subscription to the services at the current stage, and offers the first year free use Apple TV+ for buyers of new gadgets in some countries.

Alexey Kuzmin, head of “electronics” Ozon

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