Speculate about potential shortcomings of the upcoming iPhone.


Apple always was famous for the fact that he tries to make their devices as thin as possible and easier. But something went wrong and iPhone X came out quite a thick and heavy smartphone. And this despite the fact that his size is somewhat smaller than the dimensions of the same iPhone 8 Plus.

All the matter in camera components TrueDepth, occupying a large space in the smartphone, as well as in the rounded display in the lower part of the body. Apparently, the iPhone 2018 will involve the same engineering solutions, and hence to reduce the thickness of the device and its weight, the Apple just will not work.

In the end, fans of the company can deal with the fact that 6.5-inch model of iPhone of steel will weigh about 230-250 grams, which, of course, not everyone will like.


iPhone for many years inferior to competitors in terms of image quality. Device Samsung, and Huawei Pixel shoot better, brighter, clearer. And although Apple has cool modes portrait shooting in the dark and in difficult lighting conditions the iPhone camera is far behind the competition. And this year the situation is unlikely to change, it requires a fundamentally new software.

Another disappointment may be the lack of ability to take portraits in the budget version of the iPhone.

Face ID of the first generation of 6.1-inch and 5.8-inch iPhone

System scan individuals in an iPhone is quite advanced and fast, but it is slightly inferior in terms of convenience and speed of the fingerprint scanner. The same thing happened with Touch ID. When this element only appeared in the smartphone, it was not so trouble-free and lightning-quick as the iPhone 6s and newer models.

Analysts suggest that the iPhone 2018 Apple will embed a system of Face ID of the second generation, able to work in horizontal mode. But a budget model and a 5.8-inch version is likely to remain with the old version of the technology, as for them such a major change simply irrelevant.

The lack of support Apple Pencil

Once in the network appeared rumors about the support of proprietary stylus Apple iPhone, many users rejoiced. A similar feature could make Apple a full-fledged competitor to the Galaxy Note, which many people purchase it due to the presence of the pen to create notes and drawings. But according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple abandoned this idea and will release a standard iPhone. Without the support of additional accessories.


This figure from year to year, drives the fans of the Corporation in anguish. IPhones are expensive and will go up for at least another year. Some experts believe that the new iPhone will remain at the level of the existing models. But this only applies to basic models. But the price of versions with increased memory capacity with 100% probability will be over 100 thousand rubles.


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