Yesterday product Manager and design Director of the original shell MIUI Xiaomi Liu Ming answered users questions about the new functionality of the upcoming version of MIUI 11.

New system icons

The most significant new feature in MIUI 11 will be a new, completely redesigned system icons in a unified design. Top Manager of Xiaomi said that the company is diligently working on MIUI 11 to the new version of MIUI to everyone’s liking.

Maximum power savings mode

MIUI 11 receives the mode maximum energy saving with the shutdown of all system functions except for calls and messages, as well as switching the UI to a monochrome mode. At the same time, users will be able to manually configure the eco mode and to make exceptions for specific applications that should not avtomaticheski to close.

In addition, MIUI 11 get optimized status, support dark mode for applications and auto-delete screen shots after you post them.

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